This is first day that i build my Blog~~~
Sorry that i don't have computer that i can't always online and update here...
Now i gonna talk about my date...

At8:26am get up, washing

At9:00am go down and class begin

At9:00-11:00am do the Xmas's taylor College drama...
Although i am be a pipe player, i also be seven little
hoop that i must go to stage to play pipe...orz
All of my classmate are very good actor that i can't
belive. Also, they drass up some funny clothers that u
look at them u must laugh.(luckily, i don't waer this...)
They don't mind that.

At11:00-12:00pm do the task4 oarl presentation in computer.Also, i found
out how to change my account password~~~! yeah...i won't
worry that my account is used by someone.

At12:00-1:00pm eat lunch...

At1:00-3:00pm heving a debate.And i have a question why i,Peter and Tina be
term again?? (God: Rina? pigpoon: i not mind for this...)
My term is loss...

At3:00-.... Firstly, i go to computer room and do my presentation. However,
i just do little and online to see wedside...(bye
Then i go to jacky's room and play card.
After that, i go back me room with Rina and get her comic...
At this stage she stael my negima's fan classmate that i buy it
yesterday.She say u can't know japanese so that u buy for me...
i so sorry about that i love negima and i alway buy a lot of
japanese's thing of this. Also, i buy it becase of Ryoko and Setsuna
that the book have many thing about them, specially it have ablum
of Setsuna and konacos' song~~~This is the best point which i must
buy it~~~~
Following that i go to sleep and then eat dinner.
Finishing my dinner, i go to jacky room and set down.
At 9:30pm i go to my uncle house and do my presentatiom...
Also, i see a lot of negima's wedsidw...(bye
Most of my friends online and chat with me.
I am very happy that i can talk with u but i also sad that i just
do a few part of my tesk4...

okok....i don't want to too many in here because i must go to sleep.

PS:DD, because of u ,i build this blog...(kiss

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  • your sister
  • lots of improvement in your eng!! that's a good start, <br />
    right? how was your presentation? i'm quite interest <br />
    about it!! was it ok?<br />
    u know, i'm now in hk la! but still have lots to do, so have <br />
    to add oil on them! when is your coming hoilday? hope <br />
    that can meet u as soon as possible! love u and kiss u <br />