Today is my father birthday,but i forget~~~~(run
This day i have though to buy a present but this isn't for dad~
It is for Mary's Xmas~~~
However, i heard a news that i must do the presentation next day. i didn't go to buy~~~
After school went to sleep~~~~
Then went to eat dinner~~
At 10:30pm i went to lvy's flat to secarh the imformation for my presentation~~
Unfortunmently, her computer have bug that can't use the internet and MSN.
It just use QQ that the mainland people use it~~~
So i find Rina to help me that she found the imformation and then wrote it~~~(run
hahaha~~~i was very pleased that she did this kind of work that I can sleep a hour~~~
Although, Rina wrote some shake introduction. The summary is good for me.
Also, she find Jacky and Enoch that help me for this.
I don't wase that i always look after Rina~~~
NoNoNo...I can't using this thinking for my friend~~~~
Moreover, i can knew one of the thing that Jacky and Enoch love Rina~~~
O...Rina, 3play may be good for heavth but it is a bad thing for relatetionship~~~
At 3:00am Rina gave up for this work and offline for sleep.
And i used her imformation to finish the presentation~~~
Then go back to school~~~

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  • dracozhu
  • 英文不錯=.=/比我好<br />
    <br />
    你爸的生日比我爸晚1天=..=a<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    我的生日你知道麼=3=<br />
    <br />