have a order to post these things~
Also, i can't write Chinese so i just copy and paste from Money~
Although, i can't see her xanga but...haha~
If anyone can know what it say that u must not come from HK~~~

no 1. 無伴侶.有芋絲..

no 2. 我夠唔知何悅欣同陳希汶有咩相同ge地方?

no 3同no 4係連住ge...首先...no 3名句..'質素咁差...' 跟住某人話 '咁又係'..跟住...
no 4名句:咁你又揀?(hahaaaaa)

no 5. 我同你ge距離好遠,你講左,可以令我地ge距離拉近

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