This return HK week was very busy~
Now, i am going to talk about my life in this week~
Last Friday at 3:00pm, i arrived to HK and get my new computer~
Haha...the dear computer, we will togeter untill u break~= =+
Next day, i went to play badminton~
Sunday, i and my best friend have BBQ~
Monday and Tuesday din't have any thing to do~
Just online, download and watch lots of TV program or cartoon.
The neat day , i and mother went to groundmother home~
And today, i meet Australia friend in MK~
We had lunch and see the material of computer~
Although, i don't know about computer and i just went to see Jacky and Peter discuss Peter's new desktop~
i though Peter might have a good and hi-tech compter for playing pc- game~
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  • dsm020304
  • 有電腦後記得要安裝中文= =+
  • pigpoon
  • haha~<br />
    my dad ban to install chinese~= =<br />