I hadn't one and half years played online game untill last Tuesday~
Now, I began palying Mabinogi because of my computer.
I have my own computer which i can use it all time, so I can plat game at night~= =+
Also, my husband DD want me to play the game and have a lovely lovely Mabinogi world life~

This game is 3D that if i play foe a long time, i will feel no well~
However, it is a great game that I would play signaificantly long~
Futher more, this game is too difficult to play that I have dead more than 40 time per day~= =
But I don't give up that dead and dead ,also became not to dead lots of time~
This is a great improve for me~

DD teach many thing to me and give me tow-hand sword for protect myself~
Also, she help me to up level.
DD is a great husband in my life~
Haha...I choose her that is a good for me~= =+

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