u....in this week, i have done three report and one presention~0.0/
this week had many many happen~= =
u...i don't want to remunber, use all the herat to do this~= =/
but when i had finished all the report, this sad memory was alos here~
i didn't how to solve it~
en...give up, leave this relation is one of the way to solve~
may be this is good for me, because all of my fd suggest me to leave~
somethime, being good people or careing someone is a bad thing~
so, now i would do any thing none of my business~= =
because this bad custom make me that nearly lose one of my fd and know about bad things~= =
so...just give u see see my business plan's logo which is my dream plan for my furture~= =+
this business plan is one of my repoet~
see see....= =+

may be in future, u will see this logo that mean this shop must be opened by me~= =+

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