by the way, today had lots of good thing~0.0/
sleeping a lot, fighting with not to sleep 24 hours and the main thing-killing pita~= =+
just for not sleep 24 hours, i have not slept for 26 hours~= =+
this is one of the big turget for me to not to sleep 30 hours~
other thing is killing Mabinogi~0.0/
we went to pk place to kill, also jacky was seeing our to kill~
pita is dead by me for N time, but he just kill me may be...2 time~
the last time when i want to kill him, he said "stupid human..." then go away~=0=
at this time, i think he would come to kill me but he ran away~
why???what the hill??=0=
but never mind because i have killed him many time~= =
however, i have not caught photo~T0T
may be i post some play music with pita's photo~0.0/

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